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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a fun and personal one: top ten facts about me! I have an about page, but sometimes I forget to talk about myself enough in my blogs, so I’m excited for you to get to know me better (and vice versa!).

In writing this post, I thought I’d try to focus on things that I don’t talk about a lot on this blog – my interests, obsessions, and just…life outside my blog.

Here we go:

Rachel Berry from Glee singing into hairbrush
Totally me. =p

1. I’m a singer. This is probably the biggest part of my life I don’t talk about! I’m a classically trained singer, and I’ve been singing since I was about six. I mostly sing opera and oratorio, but I like to throw in the occasional pop or Broadway song, too. I used to have a band with my husband and a few of our friends where we classic indie rock covers, but it disbanded because of life. =p

cheese plate
Source: TheGBrief.com

2. I’m a huge foodie. This is the other thing I don’t talk about that much. Honestly, I’m probably a food snob. Last year we went to Cuba for a week for some R&R and one of the things that almost ruined our vacation was that the food just…wasn’t good. I’m obsessed with great, delicious, fresh food cooked in unique ways.



3. I love gardening. Actually, my husband is way more garden obsessed than I am. We have a vegetable and herb garden in our backyard and a large flower garden in the front.

Game of Thrones - Dany is the best!
Game of Thrones – Dany is the best!

4. I’m a sci-fi/fantasy geek when it comes to movies, TV and film, but I mostly read contemporary. I don’t know what it is about fantasy that doesn’t work on the page, but for some reason…it doesn’t.

image from Shopaholic, the movie
Totally me.

5. I’m a shopaholic. Really, you probably did know this. I used to be a fashion blogger, but now I’m just a person who really likes pretty everything and wants to have it all. 

princess fashion6. I’m really into royalty. I mean, you probably knew this based on my reading habits. I’m not OBSESSED, but I’m pretty into the fashion and just the idea of royalty.

writing7. I’ve been writing a YA book for years, but I’m garbage at getting it done. I don’t really have words for this. Story of my life!

Gif of Homer and Bart making snow angels in their messy house
I mean, we’re not THIS bad.

8. My husband and I are slobs. If there’s a messier couple in the world, please introduce me. It’s the part of adulting that I’m still really crap at.


9. I’m lactose intolerant, but two of my favorite foods are fantastic cheese and gourmet ice cream. You always want what you can’t have.

10. I’m scared of unusually large things. This is probably the weirdest thing about me – my dad showed me this giant tomato (like, the size of my thigh) when I was little and told me it was a mutant. Ever since, I’ve been weirdly freaked out by things that are really big but aren’t normally that way. Especially if they’re plants or animals. I would have put in an image but honestly, even seeing pictures freaks me out.

What are some weird facts about you? Leave a comment and I’ll try to stop by! I love learning new things about my friends.
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish to highlight a top ten list related to book blogging, and to get to know fellow book bloggers.

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13 responses to “Ten Facts About Me | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Always great to read more about a person. Funy how you don’t like to read about fantasy but love to watch it. Magical realism doesn’t work for you either on the page?

    • Magical realism only works sometimes. It’s such an odd thing, but I feel like with fantasy, I want to see all of the worlds in front of me instead of reading every detail. That’s why GoT works and I would never read it – I can focus on the story instead of the details.

      That said, I really liked Lord of the Rings and read the whole trilogy. I’m not a complete fantasy loser. =p

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I am probably the I tidiest person I know! And it drives my husband to insanity because I just don’t care and it bugs him like mad! ?

    • Hahaha, that is EXACTLY why I don’t read too much of it, because yeah, it could totally turn into an obsession. I go as far as following Kate’s fashion and reading a couple royalty books, but I totally know that I could become a royal stalker if I let myself!

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