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 Hi, I’m Tiff, and I’m a 32 year-old young adult literature enthusiast. I’ve been reading YA and middle-grade fiction since–well, since I was old enough to read them.

My Big Confession is that I always loved YA throughout my teen and adult years, but never wanted to admit to loving them. I always read YA, but it wasn’t until just after university (and after reading Maureen Johnson’s 13 Little Blue Envelopes) that I decided to be loud and proud about it. I’ve been a YAngelist ever since.

I’m a YA contemporary lover at heart, although lately I’ve been straying into the sci-fi world. I tend to be picky about what I like, but I’m also very loyal – if I find an author I like, I will stick with him/her.

I live in Toronto, and in my day job, I work in communications for the Ontario government. At night, I’m usually reading, writing or blogging, watching tons of TV and movies, and singing in choirs. I love fashion, food, beauty, and Toronto/local stuff, and I constantly attack my two very sweet cats and husband with my love of culture.

You can find me lurking on the web at:

Twitter: @mostlyyalit
Facebook: Mostly YA Lit Facebook Page
Tumblr: Mostly YA Thoughts
Toronto Forever Young Adult Book Club

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  1. Mia

    Hi Tiff, we met at Chris and Alex’s house the other day. I just wanted to make contact with you. Shoot me an email!


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