(Notso) Personal Friday: YA for NJ starts today! Go bid now!

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Author: Megan McCafferty
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Today’s post will have a few cute pics of my pets, but I really wanted to spotlight something bigger than myself. I’m talking about Kieran Scott‘s YA for NJ eBay auctions that start tonight.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast of the US earlier this month. A lot of people lost their homes and belongings in floods, especially people in New Jersey. 

In order to help with rebuilding efforts, Kieran (author of the She’s So Dead to Us series, the PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and countless other YA novels that I’ve been reading for years),  and over 150 other YA authors have donated some pretty special items to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy through the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

For instance, Megan McCafferty, who wrote the ridiculously amazing Jessica Darling books (see my gushing here – if you’re a fan, you’ll notice my shout-out in this blog post title), is donating an author-annotated ARC of Sloppy Firsts. This is crazy awesome, guys – this ARC is from 2001, and Megan says it’s the last one she has, and it will include “all sorts of insider information such as the backstories behind all the characters including THE TRUE ORIGINS OF MARCUS FLUTIE.

Are you squeeing yet? I can’t tell you how much I am. You can bet I’ll be bidding on that (and watching that auction like a hawk until the last moment).  
There are over 200 listings, and they include ARCs, author visits, manuscript critiques, and even character names in future books!
The auction starts tonight at 8 pm. Update your bookmarks now and get thee to the auctions! Use that money you would have used buying books anyway to help out. 
Don’t have much money right now? Help promote YA for NJ by sharing their Facebook page and spreading the word. It’s a great cause, and it’s totally win-win – you get to check out the awesome author stuff that’s going out into the world, and New Jersey gets some much needed TLC. 
Oh, wait, here are some cute cat and dog photos. My fiance’s family dog, Myles, had a sleepover with my cats the other day and this is what ended up happening. 
They just do this on their own, I swear!
They’re both just really sweet, loving pets. 
Ok, Myles and Rocky say, GO BID ON SOME YA FOR NJ STUFF!

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