#BEA15 Recap: Day 2

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Hi guys, I’m back with my recap of #BEA15: Day 2! Let’s get to it!


We got up super early on Thursday to join a line-up to get into BEA and get Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger! In line, we saw Andi, Sarah, and Danielle (Love at First Page) as well as several other bloggers. Yay bloggers!

Me & Danielle (Source: Danielle)

When we finally got in, there was a massive rush to get to the Hyperion booth. Sarah laughed at me attempting to run with my still-healing sprained ankle (it was more of a limp-walk?). I was cranky until I had tea.


Micheline, me, & Giselle (Source: Micheline)

I did get to say hi to Giselle (Xpresso Reads) & Micheline (Lunar Rainbows) – love my Canadian YA bloggers, and I only get to see them at BEA because they live on the East Coast!

Me, Katherine & Kaley
Me, Steph & Sarah

And then we sat down because this line was going to be nuts. Katherine (Lady Critic’s Library) and Kaley (Books Etc) stopped by to say hi and laugh at us in the longest line ever. Then we saw Steph (Cuddlebuggery) and had a lovely chat with her – I only got to meet her for a second last year, so it was great to have a real chat.

Meeting Alexandra Bracken & getting Passenger!

Finally, we got to the front where the beautiful (seriously, LOOK AT HER) Alexandra Bracken was signing. YAY! Alexandra was lovely, and I told her how much I was looking forward to this book, which she said is DEFINITELY very different from The Darkest Minds (which is great for me bc TDM didn’t really appeal to me).

We rushed to Rebecca Serle’s line for Truly, Madly, Famously next – she is my Dawson’s Creek soul mate and we bonded over that.

Katherine, Jess, Ciara, Sarah & me!

While waiting for a galley drop at Harper Collins, we had a nice chat with Heather Demetrios at Harper Collins – she recommended this book which I MUST get. I picked up Dumplin by Julie Murphy (yay!)

Then we went over to the Romance Writers of America booth where I (finally!) got to meet Mark Perini, one of the co-authors of Halfway Perfect. Julie Cross is the other author, and I’m on her street team, so I’ve been chatting with Mark for awhile – he was very sweet, and as Sarah said, “He’s totally a hot geek” – check out his smile!

While waiting in line for Carolyn Mackler’s The Infinite In Between, we met Kelly Hager of Spencer Hill Press, who gave us a little package to promote Liza Wiemer’s HELLO?. We had met Liza (Who R U blog) the day before, so I promptly pulled out the Hello postcard and we did a little #HelloFrom right from the BEA lines. =)

Carolyn & Sarah

Carolyn is one of Sarah’s faves, so I got photos of her with Carolyn. I’d met her at the ALAN conference previous to this, and she is such a nice, smart YA writer. 

We had a break for lunch (VERY IMPORTANT), then headed over to Margo Rabb’s line next, and in line, we met Xander (Forever Bookish) and his mom. He was very sweet and we chatted a bit about how much we loved Margo’s book, Kissing in America.

Me & Margo Rabb
And then I met Margo, who is fantastic and lovely and I basically want to be her sister. If you haven’t read KiA, you MUST. It’s literary and beautiful and poignant and wonderful. 

We then went to line up for MT Anderson’s adult book Symphony for the City of the Dead, which is about the composer Shostakovich and WWII and sounds amazing. He was SUPER nice and said he was really interested to hear what musicians think of the book.

And then we headed over to get Will Walton’s book Anything Could Happen, which was on my must-get list. In line, we met Adam Silvera (More Happy Than Not) and Julie Murphy (Dumplin) and Elena (Novel Sounds). I was so crazy excited to meet Adam as I’ve been chatting with him on Twitter a ton about writing and he’s been incredibly supportive. And Julie is just lovely and hilarious. 

And then this happened: 
Me: Let’s take a photo!
Adam: YES! Family photo!
Julie: You can be the child!
Me: Um, I think I’m older than both of you (I am). 
Hey, guess who was helping with personalizations in Will’s line? None other than David Levithan (Another Day, Every Day, Two Boys Kissing, basically writer and editor extraordinaire) himself, who I didn’t get a photo with (I also didn’t get one with Will because I’m an idiot, but he is so cute and has the best glasses). We chatted for a bit about how I LOVED Every Day. 
We got to chat with Will, who was giving out a page with his MC’s favourite Taylor Swift songs (someone in line yelled, “Ironically?” And he was like, “NO.”) along with his book, and we bonded over the fact that I was wearing my TSwift red lip (classic thing that you like). 
For our last signing, we went over to Capstone to get in line for Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond – I was really excited for this one (it was one of my most anticipated 2015 reads), and apparently so was everyone else – the line snaked around the booth a few times. 
In line, we met Sarah (Clear Eyes, Full Shelves) and bonded over shared love of FNL and a bunch of other things. We got to chat with the Switch Press publicist, Linda, for a second, which was great. Gwenda was super sweet and SOUTHERN (I had no idea) – cute accent! We only got to chat with her for a moment and because her line was so long, I didn’t want to ask for a picture.

Kaley pensively looking at her cake
Birthday dinner for Kaley!
Finding Neverland!

We finished up and had some nice hotel time before heading back out to meet with Kaley for her birthday dinner (at The Marshal, a nice farm-to-table place in Hell’s Kitchen) and Finding Neverland: The Musical! Dinner was awesome, and the musical was MIND-BLOWINGLY good. I laughed, I whooped, I cried. Seriously, the fact that it didn’t get any Tonys was a travesty. 

We ended our night with donut ice cream sandwiches at Holey Cream up the street – yum! (Should I talk about the creepy guy who walked into the donut shop and tried to chat us up until the owners got rid of him? Ugh…). The other two girls only could only finish half, but this girl? Yeah, she finished the whole thing (I was very emotional after Finding Neverland!). 

Things To Learn/Keep in Mind from BEA Day 2: 

  • Caffeine is important for the early days.
  • Drink water – tons of it. Sarah had to keep reminding me, I was bad about that.
  • Taking breaks and eating lunch = acting like a human at BEA.
  • Talk to EVERYONE in line; you might meet some new blogger friends!
  • GO SEE A SHOW – you’re in New York, after all. Take advantage!

Guys, I’ll be back tomorrow for my final BEA recap *collapses into heap*. What was your favourite book I mentioned today? And are you ready for Mindy Kaling/Felicia Day awesomeness tomorrow?

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4 responses to “#BEA15 Recap: Day 2

  1. Looks like you had a great time, love! It was so good meeting you, if only briefly. Next time we will have to hang out more. 🙂 Love all of these pictures – you look fantastic!

  2. Donut ice cream sandwiches?! Crazy! Looks delicious 🙂 And I totally was totally the same show as you guys with my parents! Yeah that's so lame it didn't get any tonys! I LOVED it!

  3. It was SO good to see you again Tiff! ♥ I so wish we had Canadian BookCons, I'd totally head up to Montreal and even Ottawa or Toronto to meet ALL the Canadian Bloggers and paint the town bookish 😀 Looks like you had a blast day 2 as well. I'm pretty big on water usually but I ALWAYS suck at it at BEA – too many distractions I'd say. And OMG YES caffeine + food is a must otherwise miss cranky pants makes an appearance haha! That line for Passenger was kind of insane but totally worth it imo…at least, I hope LOL. Oh and, those donuts?! *drool*

  4. I think I'm the only person who didn't know about the Passenger signing 🙂 That's so cool that David Leviathan was helping personalize! I didn't get Another Day because I assumed his line would be insane but I really enjoyed Every Day.

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