Top Ten of 2012: Best Book Boyfriends of 2012 and ARC GIVEAWAY

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Hi everyone, today’s list was one I was waiting for: my favourite book “boyfriends” of this year. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of YA romance, so I was really excited to share my list. 

This year, though, I was a bit lacking in 2012 reads, and I didn’t love the boy characters in every book I read. Therefore, I’m cutting my list down to eight, and presenting you with my tightly curated list of swoonworthy boys this year. 

Also, I have a huge, paranormal YA at the end of this post, so read on!

In order of hotness…

8. Kellen Harper from Belles/Winter White (Jen Calonita): I love smart, snarky, artistic guys (see #1 on this list), and I love how much Kellen pushed Mira out of her comfort zone and made her see a world beyond Emerald Cove. I hate to say it, but Kellen was a way awesomer dude than Brayden. Mira totally lucked out over Izzie.

7. Connor from Shot Through the Heart (Niki Burnham): Connor is exactly how I remember teenage boys – he totally needed to be bonked in the head to realize that he was perfect for Peyton, he’s sometimes more obsessed with other things than what was right in front of him, and he finds it hard to express his true desires. But when he does…oh man, it is HOT. I’m making him sound really dark, but he’s not. Connor is funny and awesome and does what’s right when it matters the most. 

6. Bennett from Time Between Us (Tamara Ireland Stone): Oh, Bennett. Your hair, your authenticity, your idiocy, your love for Anna…I love how much you loved her, and I love how you made me fall in love with your relationship. Also, did I mention the hair? 

5. Jase Garrett from My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick): Jase is smokin, guys. His romance with Samantha is so hot that it basically burns the pages, and pretty much saves My Life Next Door from being just an average contemporary YA. He’s totally charming, and he totally gets Sam. Also, he’s responsible, great with kids and a badass with a leather jacket. 

4. Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars (John Green): This is another one of those, “am I allowed to post this if I haven’t finished the novel?” ones…but honestly, even if I’m only halfway through, I could not have stopped Gus from being on this list. He belongs here for his amazing way of speaking, the fact that he read Hazel’s favourite book immediately, and the fact that he won’t let her push him away when things get rough. 

3. Four from Insurgent (Veronica Roth): I refuse to call him Tobias. He is Four. He is hot, and muscular, and dangerous, and loyal. He’s a badass with a good heart. My kind of guy. 

2. Prince Maxon from The Selection (Kiera Cass): Sometimes you come across a guy who’s nice and sweet and romantic and just gets you. He’s not the most dramatic of guys, but he’s smart and he cares for other people, and he’s there for you and really, REALLY likes you. How can you resist? I can’t. Pulling my ear at you, Maxon. Let’s go make out in the gardens. 

1. James from Unbreak My Heart (Melissa Walker): remember how I talked about artistic guys? James is like, the best artistic, sensitive guy. He’s hot and funny and redheaded (oh, did I mention I love redheads?), but he also understands pain like a lot of boys really don’t. His joy at life despite his own family problems helped Clem to see what she was doing wrong. He went above and beyond being hot and sexy and changed Clem’s life. That makes him my ultimate book boyfriend, and makes me super-grateful to have read this book and met him. 

Ok, giveaway! So last week, I received an awesome package full of ARCs from the lovely ladies/Snarkles at Epic Reads/Harper Teen: 

This was all because I won one of their awesome #BookCheer packages from Tea Time with Epic Reads. If you haven’t checked out Tea Time yet, I demand that you do it right now. It’s SO MUCH FUN. 

Anyway, because this was a Christmas giveaway, I thought I’d spread the good cheer! I’m giving away three of these books to three lucky readers. That’s right, this giveaway is for:

I will give the first winner and second winners choices of books, and the third winner will get the last ARC. Open to US and Canadian residents only – sorry, international readers, I just can’t afford the shipping right now. Get in there and win!

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34 responses to “Top Ten of 2012: Best Book Boyfriends of 2012 and ARC GIVEAWAY

  1. My Top Book Boyfriend is Daemon Black from the Lux Series! I think you need to read the series to know exactly why, but there is just something about him. I'm attracted to his bad boy personality. And though he can kind of be a jerk at times, I know he has a good heart and truly cares about those he love.

    I'm having a hard time deciding between Everbound or Shadows in the Silence. Both are great series!

    • Btw, you got an awesome package from Epic Reads for Christmas! I only one one book from them and got the card, of course. I'd love Everbound. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Hi Chey, I think I got a big package because I won one of the BookCheer packages from their Tea Time, not the usual Christmas stuff. Thanks for responding!

  2. Hmm…. there are so many to choose from! Perry from UNDER THE NEVER SKY? Duval from GRAVE MERCY? Daemon from OBSIDIAN, ONYX, and OPAL? They're all yummy!

    And I would definitely choose ASUNDER – I haven't read Courtney Allison Moulton's books, and I didn't really like Everneath.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  3. Tough choice but it's a toss up between Tod Hudson and Simon Lewis, both of them are guys that will do anything for their friends and loved ones. Make the sacrifices without caring about the cost for themselves. Loyal and Sexy!!

    I would love Everbound, I loved Everneath! 🙂

  4. My 2012 book boyfriend is definitely Daemon because he has just the perfect balance and sweetness and not so sweetness. I'd love to win Everbound!

  5. I would love to have all 3 of them, so I can't choose just yet. I will say it is most likely between Asunder or Shadows in the Silence. As far as book boyfriends go, I would have to choose Adrian Ivashkov. No explanation needed. He is just amazing.

  6. My fictional husband is William Herondale but current boyfriend would be Barrow Hess of RIFT by Andrea Cremer. He's so swoon-worth!

    I'd love to win the Madman's Daughter or Shadows in the Silence! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  7. My book boyfriend of this year is Jase from My Life Next Door! I love how he has his imperfections but is totally swoon worthy <3
    Also, I'd like to win Unravel Me ! Another swoon worthy guy<3

  8. Oh I have so many favorites, gahhhhh! Daniel from Something Strange and Deadly, Chaol from Throne of Glass, Noah from The Evolution of Mara Dyer, Mal from Shadow and Bone, Jack from Everneath, Logan from Defiance but most of all, Jericho Barrins from the Fever serires, and Ethan from Chicgoland Vampires!

    I'd love to win Asunder! 🙂

  9. So many amazing book boys, I can't pick just one! I'd say…Jase from My Life Next Door, Noah from Pushing the Limits, and Perry or Roar from Under the Never Sky. YUM. I'd be thrilled to win any of these books, but my first choice would be Everbound. Thank you for your generosity, Tiff!

  10. There are so many but I'm a big fan of Oliver from The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. He was sweet but flawed, British and cute but not "the hottest guy ever", and was just so perfect for Hadley.
    I'd love to win Asunder! Thanks 🙂

  11. Daemon Black from Jennifer L Armentrout's Lux series. Mysterious and cocky with the smexy-ness to back it up? Mhmmmmm…damn….

    I'd be interested in winning Everbound.

    Thank you!

  12. My favorite book boyfriend has got to be Perry from Under the Never Sky, or Four from Divergent. Both are ah-mazing guys! 😉 I'd love to win any of the three books, actually. =)

    Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  13. Gus! I love Augustus. I also love Roar from Under the Never Sky but I REALLY fell in love with him in the ARC of Through the Ever Night.

    I would like Asunder 🙂

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