Personal Friday: Introducing Rocky and the Movie You Should Watch Now

October 12, 2012 / 4 Comments / Personal

So instead of Photo Friday, I’ve decided to call this Personal Friday because it’s always going to be a glimpse into my life.

You knew the other one was going to show up at some point.

This is Rocky. He’s Jackie’s brother, and he is TOTALLY awesome. Rocky is a dog masquerading as a cat – he loves to cuddle, he loves people and family, he comes and licks our faces all the time, and he has no problem being told what to do. Except when it’s dinner time – then he just wants us to feed him pronto. But basically, if you love Rocky, he will love you back.

He MIGHT be my favorite.

Although it’s hard to have a favorite when your cats do this voluntarily:

They are adorable, wonderful things, and giant stress relievers for me.

Speaking of stress relief:

If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect yet, RUN to the theatres. It is SO. MUCH. FUN. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack constantly since I saw it. I may even go again.

Go. Run. Go.

Also, have a great weekend!

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4 responses to “Personal Friday: Introducing Rocky and the Movie You Should Watch Now

    • I know, we got so lucky with our cats – they really love each other. And Rocky is just some weird cat mutant who actually likes cuddling and listens =)

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