Personal Friday: I think I might want to be a florist…or a party planner.

November 9, 2012 / 1 Comment / Personal

Check out the decor and the food for my BFF’s baby shower last weekend (And yes, Ontario book bloggers, this was the day after the Meet-Up – it was a crazy weekend)!

Flowers to greet the guests – this was my favorite arrangement that I did. Each guest also brought a baby picture of themselves. I photocopied each picture, and the copy was pasted into the guestbook along with a message from the guest in question. The photo there is of me, by the way. =)


Flowers for the coffee table, along with gifts! The flowers looked better in real life – I can’t do justice to them with my bad iPhone photos.
I also made a banner made out of kids’ comic books that I got on Free Comic Book Day, but there are names on it, so I can’t post it. =(
Food! And flowers!


This is the food at the end of the night. =p The flowers in the middle of the table are in a bunch of bud vases.

My birthday party is tonight, yay! We have food and desserts galore, and cake and balloons and flowers are coming – if I’m going to be 30, at least I get to do it in style! Look out for more pictures next week.

Have a great weekend! If you haven’t already, check out my Birthday Month Author Spotlight on Diana Peterfreund, with a signed FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS giveaway!

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One response to “Personal Friday: I think I might want to be a florist…or a party planner.

  1. Totally beautiful! You must have been completely shot by monday hey? I also would really love to be a florist, party planner not so much (too stressful!).

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