Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Going Rogue by Marissa Meyer | Review

March 22, 2018 / 1 Comment / Review

Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Going Rogue by Marissa Meyer | ReviewWires and Nerve, Volume 2

Author: Marissa Meyer
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Also by this author: Cinder, , Scarlet, Winter, Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5), Stars Above (The Lunar Chronicles #0.5, 0.6, 1.5, 3.1, 3.6), Heartless, Wires and Nerve
Series: Wires and Nerve #2
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication date: January 30th 2018
Source: Purchased at Chapters Indigo
Format: Hardcover
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The second graphic novel, and sequel to Wires and Nerve, Volume 1, from #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Marissa Meyer!

The world of the Lunar Chronicles comes alive in this thrilling continuation of Wires and Nerve. Iko—an audacious android and best friend to the Lunar Queen Cinder—has been tasked with hunting down Alpha Lysander Steele, the leader of a rogue band of bioengineered wolf-soldiers who threaten to undo the tenuous peace agreement between Earth and Luna. Unless Cinder can reverse the mutations that were forced on them years before, Steele and his soldiers plan to satisfy their monstrous appetites with a massacre of the innocent people of Earth.

And to show he's serious, Steele is taking hostages.

Cinder and Kai, Scarlet and Wolf, Cress and Thorne, and Winter and Jacin all feature in this epic new battle. But it is Iko who must face her deepest fears when she uncovers the truth about her own unusual programming. Questions of love, friendship, and mortality take Iko on an emotional journey that will satisfy and delight fans of this bestselling series.

Review: WIRES and NERVE, Vol 2: Going Rogue

Warning: this review will have some spoilers for Marissa Meyer’s other Lunar Chronicles books (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, Fairest, Stars Above, Wires and Nerve, Vol 1), so if you haven’t read those and you want to, please skip!

I was totally excited for the second volume in Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve graphic novel. If you missed the first one, Wires and Nerve is part of the Lunar Chronicles series and focuses on the android Iko, who is Cinder’s best friend.

In this installment, Iko is working with Liam Kinney, a Lunar guard, to try to find a rogue mutant wolf soldier who is bent on terrorizing Cinder and Earthens. Alpha Lysander Steele is spreading rumors that Cinder can actually help the wolves turn back into humans, and he’s determined to get an audience with her – or seek his revenge against the Lunar throne. And he’s now recruited Wolf to come along with them.

Meanwhile, Cinder is preparing to make the transition for Luna to become a democratic republic instead of a monarchy.

All of this takes place with the backdrop of the Peace Festival in Beijing, and Cinder and Kai’s first meeting in a long, long time (If you read the epilogue from Stars Above, you know that Meyer has already hinted that a lot of big things happen at the Peace Festival).

Firstly, the art – started by Doug Holgate, but I would argue that Stephen Gilpin’s continuation is clearer and more understandable than Holgate’s was. I loved his versions of Iko and Cinder, and the backgrounds were fantastic.

What I appreciated most in this installment was that Meyer really addressed Iko’s android-ness and what it means to be human. Iko’s personality has always been vivacious, fierce and loving. This book – and her disgruntled partner Kinney – looks at why she is the way she is, from her origins to her current state, and whether it matters that she was programmed to feel a certain way.

I also really loved that this installment gives us even more of the ties that hold the whole Rampion gang together. We get to see how their friendships and relationships have evolved since the end of the Lunar Chronicles books. We also get to see the aftermath of the war – and that Cinder and Iko and their friends haven’t forgotten people and threads that reach back all the way to the beginning of the series.

In true Marissa Meyer fashion, there’s still the same snarky lines, the same space adventure feeling, and the same cute and swoony romances that made you fall in love with the first books.

The Final Word:

It’s a great testament to Meyer’s understanding of the characters that this installment was a nice addition to the story. Wires and Nerve never felt extra or like it was milking the enormous popularity of the series. You don’t have to read it in order to feel like The Lunar Chronicles are finished, but if you’re a fan of the series, you’re definitely going to want to. The art is solid and the story is just the extra little tidbit you want to round out your understanding of the five female leads in the series.


WIRES AND NERVE, VOL 2: GOING ROGUE is out in bookstores now. Are you a fan of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series? Have you read the first Wires and Nerve graphic novel? Who is your fave character in the series?

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One response to “Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Going Rogue by Marissa Meyer | Review

  1. TLC is my favourite YA series and Iko has always been my favourite character, so I love that she gets two books! I wholeheartedly agree that these graphic novels don’t feel extra because it seems that like her fans, Marissa Meyer just really loves the world she created (did you see her Instagram posts of her fangirling in Paris? :D) and was really excited to write stories about these characters again.

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