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here-we-are-boss-babes-giveaway-banner-image-mostly-ya-litHi all, happy International Women’s Day! Happy Women’s History Month! I’m so delighted today to be hosting a special giveaway of two amazing, girl-centric, feminist books: Here We Are: Feminism For the Real World edited by Kelly Jensen, and Boss Babes: A Coloring & Activity Book for Grown-Ups by Michelle Volansky!

A little background on this giveaway:

As a lot of you know, I’m a feminist and a strong supporter of equality. It’s been deeply disturbing to see what’s going on in the US with regards to President Trump and women’s rights. And it’s even scarier to see how threads of misogyny, prejudice, and racism are coming out of the woodwork in Canada.

Last year, I did a giveaway of Boss Babes for Workman Publishing, and it was really popular with you guys, but also with friends and family who don’t normally read YA. In fact, my best friend’s four-year old daughter came over to visit and immediately grabbed for my copy of Boss Babes to colour.

I knew it in my mind, but to see how much people were clamoring for great content that was feminist, that promoted women? That was a joy.

So when Here We Are came out, I contacted my friends at Thomas Allen, who distribute both Workman Publishing and Algonquin Books in Canada. I asked if I could do a promo and giveaway of both of these amazing books, together. And, dare I say it, here we are.


more about Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World & Boss Babes

GIVEAWAY: Here We Are: Feminism For The Real World & Boss Babes | Int’l Women’s DayHere We Are: Feminism for the Real World

Author: Kelly Jensen
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Publication date: January 24th 2017
Source: Finished copy from Thomas Allen Ltd (thank you!)
Format: Paperback
Buy It: | | The Book Depository | iBooks | Google Books | Audible

Have you ever wanted to be a superheroine? Join a fandom? Create the perfect empowering playlist? Understand exactly what it means to be a feminist in the twenty-first century? You’ve come to the right place.
Forty-four writers, dancers, actors, and artists contribute essays, lists, poems, comics, and illustrations about everything from body positivity to romance to gender identity to intersectionality to the greatest girl friendships in fiction. Together, they share diverse perspectives on and insights into what feminism means and what it looks like. Come on in, turn the pages, and be inspired to find your own path to feminism by the awesome individuals in Here We Are.
Welcome to one of the most life-changing parties around!

Instead of telling you just how awesome Here We Are is, here are a couple of pages from it. I haven’t finished reading all the essays, but what I love about this book is that it’s a guide that’s easily read and thought about in chunks. There is great history on the women’s movement, and then the book delves into different issues – feminism in relationships, gender identity, sexuality, pop culture, bodies, ambition, and more.

here-we-are-feminism-page-from-book here-we-are-feminism-page-from-book-3


Also, it’s super-fun. I feel like I’ve already learned so much just by thumbing through.

here-we-are-feminism-quote here-we-are-feminism-page-from-book-2

If you’re thinking at all about learning more about feminism, intersectionality, how to be an ally, this is the most fun you’ll have doing it. It refuses to talk down to teens. It’s definitely a book that both adults and young women can read.

GIVEAWAY: Here We Are: Feminism For The Real World & Boss Babes | Int’l Women’s DayBoss Babes

Author: Michelle Volansky
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Publication date: September 20th 2016
Source: Finished copy from Workman Publishing (thank you!)
Format: Paperback
Buy It: | | The Book Depository | iBooks | Google Books

A playful and play-filled ode to strong women, BOSS BABES is a coloring and activity book filled with fun facts and whimsical black-and-white line drawings celebrating female powerhouses from Beyonce to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dolly Parton to Malala, Tina Fey to Serena Williams. On every page is a portrait to color or an activity to complete: Connect the dots to conjure J.K. Rowling s patronus. Complete the Beyonce crossword (12-DOWN: Who run the world?). Decorate Flo-Jo s nails, decode Cher s most recent tweet, design a new jabot for RBG, color in Frida Kahlo s flowers, and more!"

I already talked a bit about Boss Babes in my post last year, so this year, I thought I’d share two new pages with you!

This was done by my best friend’s 3 year old! I love the flower colors!

Mindy is such an amazing comedy writer, actress, and fashion person. I loved coloring her in!

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One lucky person in the US or Canada will win finished copies of both Here We Are and Boss Babes! Sign up below to enter – and please share the giveaway if you can! Let’s spread some girl power all over the world, today, and this month!

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15 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Here We Are: Feminism For The Real World & Boss Babes | Int’l Women’s Day

    • Oh and yes, I am a feminist! We’ve been doing some awesome displays and book recs at the library to promote equality for women’s history month and intl. women’s day! And just in general because women are awesome.

  1. I am definitely a feminist. As I live in FL, I have the unfortunate honor of having Marco Rubio as a Senator. Guess who’s ass I call once a week talking about healthcare and education? I’m real close with his aids now…not that HE’s ever returned my calls (stay classy Rubio).

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! To change a Hamilton quote slightly: “Women: we get the job done!”

  2. I am indeed a feminist! I’m so lucky to work in a store that encourages women to be strong and not be afraid to ask for what they want. We have feminist books scattered throughout the store and we like to highlight them on tables and on social media. If I can recommend these books to customers and change even one person’s view on things, then we’re heading in the right direction.

  3. Liz

    Wonderful post, Tiff! Your blog looks amazing! I think one of the things that I admire most about you, is that you just get stuff done. I love your intelligence, determination, work ethic and commitment to making the world a better place. Thank you for sharing Here We Are with us….looks like a great book!

  4. Sarah Wheatley

    I am definitely a feminist. During March, the library has a display on Viola Desmond to represent strong Canadian women.

  5. Samantha D

    I usually do not say ‘feminist’ just because when I do, people think and ask about the youtubers and bloggers who start fights with men over having hula girl bobble heads on their dashboard. I now tend to say I am for equality for all, like equal pay and body rights. Many people, men and women are shocked when I say women are not paid equal to men still. I come from Texas…..

  6. I absolutely love that coloring book!
    And yes, I am definitely a feminist. I consume media a lot as media student and the one of the main things I always try to bring into conversations about films/TV I have with my friends, family members, etc, is the way women are represented and how some more problematic tropes etc. have become common place just because they have been used so much. I also always try to give recommendations for example for some awesome films directed by women 🙂

  7. Yeah, I’m an intersectional feminist and one thing I’ve been trying to do is donate to causes that I believe will genuinely help other groups that are facing social injustices lie the black lives matter movement and signing petitions.

  8. Fatma S

    i try to make sure that the books i read and media i consume in general are feminist and not misogynistic and have good female rep! also, if my friends say anything problematic, i try to explain to them why it’s harmful and problematic so we can have a good discussion!

  9. Of COURSE I’m a feminist! I plan on reading more diversely and recommending more diverse books to promote equality, especially in the book community.

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