Eleanor & Park read-along: Chapters 37-45!

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Hi guys! Welcome to the Chapter 37-45 post on Eleanor & Park for our readalong!

Thoughts from our read-along participants:

The things that happen to her at gym are just so awful I could barely stand to read it. Even worse, I understood exactly how she felt. (Not that I’ve been through that exactly but close). I was right there for every ounce of humiliation and hopelessness and shame that she felt.  – Rachel @ Reading Timbits

[“Those little bitches…” Mrs. Burt sighed.] LOL. That was hilarious.  –Ardo @A.A. Omer

I was almost crying over the intimacy/sexual scenes…And the fact that Park did not AT ALL think of her as fat or ugly or whatever she thought of herself in that gym suit. He just wanted to see all of her. -Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit

Interesting comments about the difference in perception between Asian guys and girls. I never really thought of that before. I wonder if that’s really true? – Rachel @ Reading Timbits

I LOVED that Park’s mom just wants him to be happy and basically shoves him in the car with Eleanor. Park’s parents aren’t perfect, but I really liked them. –Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit

Loved that scene on couch. Plus, Beebi and DeNice need to have a spin off book, made into real people or at the very least have a Twitter account.  –Ardo @A.A. Omer

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think happened with Park and his dad and the eyeliner? Why didn’t his dad push the issue? Was it an issue? Do you think Park’s parents handled it well?

2. (this question was stolen from Rachel in the discussion) Now that Eleanor knows that her siblings know about Park and where she’s going, should she do something about them? They’re in as bad a situation as she is. Is Eleanor being selfish by saying that she can’t help them? Do you think she actually can?

3. Do you feel like Eleanor and Park’s relationship is a bit lopsided? Does Park love Eleanor more than she loves him? Is that going to be a problem in the future?

If you’re reading along at home, let us know what you think in the comments! And stop by Ardo’s blog on Thursday for our last discussion post! 


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