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January 5, 2016 / 10 Comments / Blogging Life, Book Memes, Top Ten Tuesday

Guys, I’m not a resolution maker. I used to be, but I decided a few years ago that I was crap at New Year’s resolutions, so I stopped. But this year I really do have bookish resolutions for 2016. Ten is pushing it, so I’m sharing with you 5 bookish/blogging goals for the next year.

Request Fewer ARCs

    1. Request Fewer ARCs – I’m not quite doing a Picky Pledge, but one of my goals this year is to scale back on review books and try to tackle my TBR. I’m still going to be doing a lot of early reviewing, but I’m tired of feeling pressure about it. My goal is no more than 36 ARCs this year. I’ve probably already failed. =P
    2. Read One Classic or Adult Book Per Month – this is an actual goal that I’ve put in my reading calendar – I really miss reading adult fiction and classics, and I want to dip my toes back in. Stay tuned for my reviews!
    3. Work With Other Bloggers – I mentioned this in my End of Year Bookish Survey, but last year was a big year for me and collaboration – and I loved every minute of it. I’m really hoping to do more with other bloggers again.
       Embrace Creativity
    4. Embrace Creativity – This is my biggest goal this year. I have a ton of drafts and ideas for blog posts that I could do, and I don’t always do them because it’s easier to stick to the status quo. This year, I’m going to embrace my ideas, even if it means I blog a bit less. I’d rather have content I really like than a ton of posts, so creativity is going to be the name of the game this year.
       Speak Up
    5. Speak Up  – You may have missed it, but in the last few weeks, I’ve had issues with lewd commentsscammers, and friends being plagiarized. It’s shaken me a bit. I love the bookish community, but I’ve had to think a lot more about protection and privacy and safety – and while I’ll be talking about those things more in the next few weeks, I also don’t want to be afraid to make my voice and views heard. It was a big step for me in 2015 to talk about consent and other feminist issues that I care about, and the response has made me realize how important those issues are to me and hopefully, you.  I have to believe that in spite of everything around us, our little corners of the internet, our voices, and our personal stories matter…otherwise, why are we here, reading and loving books? We’re all writers and readers, and our individual voices are precious. Let’s work together to preserve them.

What are your blogging or reading goals or resolutions for this year? Are any of ours similar? Let me know in the comments!

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10 responses to “5 Bookish Resolutions For 2016 | #TopTenTuesday

  1. I actually have something similar to reading more adult books! I get stuck in my happy genres, because they make me happy. I really want to venture out more this year and read other genres that I wouldn’t normally even glance at. I’m sorry you have run into problems on here. It always saddens me when I see people trying to ruin a great thing.

  2. Whoop! I really like your resolutions for the new year, Tiff! I would really want to embrace my creativity but that’s laughable, I’m the least creative person I know.

  3. I am also going to be requesting less and reading more of the unread books already on my shelves. It’s a good thing. It’ll make for a better 2017.

    Good luck achieving all your goals. I know you’re going to do great things in 2016!

  4. Oh Tiff, I’ m so sorry that you’ve been dealing with the darkside of blogging recently *hug* I look forward to reading your thoughts on all of that though. Good for you for speaking up and here’s to more of that for 2016! I also want to request fewer arcs this year and really focus only on the books I’m MEGA excited about. Reading more classics is another one we share 🙂 I don’t usually do resolutions either but this year I do have bookish goals so I went with it! I wish you all the best in your goals for the new year my friend! xx

  5. Not only are these fabulous, but they are entirely do-able, especially knowing you as I do. Good on you for making the call to do what’s right for you, not what’s right for others! Let’s talk about how we can collaborate… *wink*

  6. Oh, I LOVE all of your resolutions, Tiff! I’m definitely with you on the ARCs (hence the Picky Pledge I do with Hannah), and on reading more classics (I WILL DO THIS IN 2016). And I definitely feel like it’s always fun to collaborate with other bloggers too! Wishing you all the luck with these resolutions <3

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