Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that book bloggers are eagerly anticipating.

This week's WoW pick looks just adorable for summer: 

Just Like the Movies
Author: Kelly Fiore
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's
Expected publication: July 22, 2014

Pretty and popular track star Marijke Monti is confident about almost everything – she’s got great friends, a great family, and she’s on her way to the State Track Championship. In fact, the only thing Marijke isn’t confident about is her relationship with Tommy Lawson.

Lily Spencer has spent her entire high school career preparing for the future – she’s participated in every extracurricular activity and volunteer committee she could. But, at home, she watches her mother go on date after date with dud-dudes, still searching for “the one.” Lily realizes that she’s about to graduate and still hasn’t even had a boyfriend.

While they live on each other’s periphery at school, Lily and Marijke never seemed to have much in common; but, after a coincidental meeting at the movie theater, Lily gets an idea – why can’t life be like a movie? Why can’t they set up their perfect romantic situations, just in time for their senior prom, using movie techniques?

Once the girls come up with the perfect plans, they commit themselves to being secret cohorts and, just like in the movies, drama ensues.

I LOVE the premise for this. I'm a huge movie buff, and I spent much of my high school years wondering exactly what Lily and Marijke wondered - why isn't life like a movie (specifically, Before Sunrise or any romantic comedy), and how can I make it more like one?

I feel like this is going to be a bit of a squirmy read for me, because Lily is a lot like I was in high school - minus the mom and dates. But I also love that it seems to focus a lot on Lily and Marijke's unexpected friendship, too - it seems really true to life. I totally had friendships with people in HS that came about unexpectedly like this one, for crazy reasons. I'm really looking forward to finding out more about the two of them, and what they can do together!

Are you excited about JUST LIKE THE MOVIES? Did you have a similar fantasy about life being like the movies? Which movies would you most want your life to be similar to? What's on your wishlist this week for books? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This sounds SO cute, and Kelly is the sweetest. Great pick!

    Stop by my WoW

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I'm looking forward to reading it as well.

    Sharon - Obsession with Books

  3. I want this so bad! I have been anxiously awaiting it ever since I first heard of it months ago =)
    Great pick


  4. Ooh, I've seen this books somewhere before! Netgalley, maybe? Anyway, hope you get to read this soon! :D
    Waiting on Wednesday
    <a href=">Dress Up: Doll Bones</a>

  5. I didn't like the author's debut book, but this sounds way too adorable to pass up. I'm going to wait for people to review it before I get to it.
    Lovely pick! :)

    Nick - My WoW

  6. This one sounds super cute and I've had it in my TBR for a while now. I just hope that it isn't too fluffy and overly romantic.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Aww that cover is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Seems like a nice read.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Shane @ Itching for Books

  8. Ahh, I only saw this the other day, and I mean look at the cover, so cute! :)

    Here's mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  9. Erm... see what the word "movies" did to me? I mean READ! ;)

  10. This sounds awesome! And I'm in love with the cover!

  11. I saw this on Netgalley and WANTED it. I didn't get approved though. It was restricted to the US, but I still tried anyway. Haha! I love cute contemporaries, and this looks like it fits the bill. I will be waiting for this one as well. :D


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